Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The List....

.......................Hath moved

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Every 1000 years, Newtontalk has to be moved to a new location and this is no mean feat. Thanks to Grant Hutchinson and anyone else involved in achieving this on behalf of the Newton Community.

More of my rubbish art created on MP2000. Clip Art from Avail Works. Sent to desktop in sections and stitched together in Paint.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Thanks be to...

...God, or to shoes or to football (or whatever you do or don't believe in) for.......

The Little People.

Yes, thank God for the Little People.

NewtPaint - Xport, young child (who thinks the Newton is as cool as I do - not for long I'm sure).

Grab it....

...whilst you can.

There's loads of it about.......mostly.

NewtPaint - Xport. Availworks clipart for notes.

Inside my....


This is what it looks like, on a regular basis.

NewtPaint.Trusty MP2000 - wearing a bit now. The port cover fell off last week. Hope it keeps going. XPort to destop. Uploaded. Quite a carbon footprint to get this onto here.



I know the sun awaits me,
But I hope it's not too soon,
And if it is, I know I've lived,
One single perfect day.

Thank you family.

NewtPaint- Xport, Desktop, Upload.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Too much...

of a 'good thing'.

I don't know about you but my world is so so full.

MP2000 + NewtPaint - Xport to desktop, uploaded.

PS: a series of sketches focusing on the joy of life will follow shortly.

Knee-jerk reaction...

.....of the Public Sector

The aftermath of the recent crisis at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Yes - the Hospital failed patients and their families disastrously.

No - the performance-driven public sector management culture was not an innocent bystander.

MP2000, NewtPaint - Xport.

PS: Drawn by a genuine advocate of the public sector and a sincere appreciator of the incredible work its people regularly achieve -- against the odds.

Ghosts in the......


Once, we paid through the nose,
Now we pay through the soul.

Warning to myself - 'make sure you get in the garden and get real, on a regular basis'.

MP 2000 + Newtpaint, Xport to desktop.



i.e. always at one since I can remember, but not necessarily unhappy.

MP 2000. Newtpaint.

Sugar and Spice

...and all things nice.

Inside, if you look close enough, we look a bit like this.

Worlds within worlds caputured using Newtpaint. Xport to desktop. Uploaded.

Friday, 21 August 2009


...to know

(Message to my best buddie, RE).

Let things settle man! Peace of mind and a steady heart are precious indeed.

All the best.

MP2000 - Newtpaint.Xport to desktop. Using Avail Clipart.



The Pointlessness and The Glory and the search for the fine line between the two where happiness probably lies.

MP2000. Availworks clip art - tinkered with in HexPaint. Copied to Note - Xported to desktop. Opened using Wordpad (not Word) copied image, saved to editor, saved as GIF. Uploaded.


..in a crowd.

Every now and then, when I am among other people I feel awkwardly detached, like an on-looker, in a bizarre sort of panto.

Do you?

Captured on an MP2000 using Newtpaint, Xported to desktop and uploaded. A mix and match of characters from AvailWorks Clipart.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Eye for an i....


iPhone is a curious but beautiful thing AND popular amongst the Newton Community.

The insatiable double-edged sword of technological development!

Enchanted yes, bewitched yes, able to go back.....no!

Perhaps the North American Indians were right:

When all the trees have been cut down,
when all the animals have been hunted,
when all the waters are polluted,
when all the air is unsafe to breathe,
only then will you discover you cannot eat Information.

Cree Prophecy

NewtPaint, xPort + odd mood. [Information is money in the original quote - but it's all one and the same in the western world - wherever that is].

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Thank you..

...For Love and Hope

Newtpaint + Xport.


Community (2009)

Underneath, Newton users are really all the same (click for larger image).

But can you spot........

1) The Canadian
2) The heterosexual
3) The one without an iPhone
4) The female
5) The one who likes Star Treck and still lives with his mother
6) The one with head issues

Individual images drawn in Hex Paint - all have same eyes, nose and mouth which were copied again and again then messed about with. Emailed to self using Mailv - then put together as a single image. Not possible to do in HexPaint as there is no 'Select All'!

Funny what difference the forehead makes!



..Best Friend

Reflecting on the Newton Community's current obsession with the iPhone...

Ok..........the world's obsession with the iPhone.

Newton-political satire care of NewtPaint.


Sunday, 31 May 2009


....T-Shirt Design

A T-shirt design fitting of the current climate, featuring no other than the notorious E-Kö man emerging at high velocity from a steaming hot bowl of the finest poutine (the Kryptonite for Newton super heroes) having saved the 2.0 community from certain doom by developing The 71J059 Patch! This historic moment coupled with the recent banter on Newtontalk.net about reestablishing production of Newton paraphrenalia. See May entries entitled: [NTLK] [OT?] Newtontalk items.

Thanks to Ed Kummel for the wacky idea, to Eckhart Köppen for The THEME!!! and the rest of the Newton Community for on-going entertainment.

All created using Hex Paint + lightbulb icon from Newt Works drawing. Emailed to self using mailv.

Up up and away to 2093......or thereabouts.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009



Our instinct - more deadly than 'terror', more contagious than the plague?

Sobering thoughts captured on an MP2000. Clip art from AvailWorks Clipart Collection - logos from NewtonWorks. Cobbled together and shading done in HexPaint. Copied to Note, emailed to self.

Saturday, 23 May 2009



It's true folks, the Newton Platform has been saved from extinction yet again through the endeavours of the one and only, the amazing, the generous.....the super-splendiferous and exceedingly brainy..

Eckhart Köppen.

Read it yourself tonight on Newtontalk...see 23 May 2009 or go direct to:


This is seriously good news for the Newton community.

Thank you Eckhart!!

[Of much lesser importance: Clip Art of man taken from AvailWorks, Clip Art of Newton taken from Newtworks. Cobbled together and shading in done using HexPaint. I did the stylus myself! Wey-hey!. Copied to Note, added text - emailed to self using the most awesome Mailv]. PS: if anyone wants a copy of the Availworks clip art packages let me know,  Matt K kindly sent a copy to me - there are hundreds of them).


Monday, 18 May 2009



Here we have an excellent contribution to the collection from fellow Newton enthusiast Ron Parker in the form of a superb technical drawing which Ron himself describes below: (Click on the image to see the full size).

Over to you Ron..


'This is the original graphic created for a tutorial I wrote called,



The entire tutorial was typed and edited using Newton Works on my eMate and MessagePad 2100. Final post production, was of course, done on my Mac.

Included in the GIF is the ultimate reason for experimenting with, as well as documenting, my experiences. I get bragging rights for being truly wireless, with my Newton. And, for having done so (probably) for the longest amount of time than any other Newton user.

Ron A. Parker

Sent with Mail V and a Wireless MessagePad 2100.
  |\/|\ @ Newted.ORG
  |/-|/ @ Quadzilla.NET
  |\ | @ TahoeSunsets.COM
From the "Who says, 'Size Doesn't Matter'" file:
  Ever notice, when someone comments on your Newton PDA,
  the first thing they say is, "Wow, that's a big one."'


Nice one Ron, Newton Art has just grown up!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The future's


Contemplating the long term effect of our technological 'developments'....even this blog is bad for you!

Captured in HexPaint. Clipart from Newtonworks then copied and pasted in.  Negative effect achieved by 'invert' function in HexPaint. Copied to note then transferred to desktop using Xport and RTF bitmap option. Opened in Wordpad, copied image and pasted to its own file. (Too large to email using Mailv). Image not changed from Newton version.


Can you ever....


Inspired by the current UK story that loads of MPs (the custodians of our democracy!) have been cooking the books when it comes to expenses and taking us all to the cleaners. Turns out they've all got their snouts in the trough!

The Good and The Bad are not a breed apart.

Captured on MP2000. Dark lines done in NewtPaint, copied to Newtonworks to add the backgrounds. Copied to note then emailed to self using Mailv.



Does the separateness of the shapes make you feel lonely or does the intersection pull you into a vortex of stillness? 

Meaning or nonsense..what do you see? 

Created in Newtpaint, newly aquired from Landware - copied to note, emailed to self using Mailv.

Saturday, 9 May 2009


Are not what they seem

A simple, single celled organism under the spotlight of an MP2000 reveals a complex network of organisms and worlds. Isn't it humbling and reassuring to know that the smaller you go the bigger things get!

There's even a Newton joke somewhere in the cytoplasm!

Another work of absurdity captured mostly using Newtpaint. A few clip arts copied from Newton Works. Had to copy this from NewtPaint to Note in two halves then emailed to self using Mailv. Joined back up on PC. 

Microcosms are BIG Man!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The two sides...

Of Being Forty...

<--Starting to look with scorn at the youth on the corner of your street and wondering why oh why oh why do they wear their jeans so low. 

Versus --->

The pleasure of not noticing yourself wearing beige! and generally loving Life!

All captured for posterity on an MP2000. OK I can only do symbolic art.

Thursday, 30 April 2009


Of the Modern World

Man get chased by a swarm of Yes! The 16 Shades of Yes in fact which is a lot more persistent than your common and garden Yes. Man runs to safe place to dare to say No, just the once.

Hex paint: 180 by 300 pixels, 16 shades. Copied to Note, emailed to self using the magnificant Mailv.

If you've been harassed by such a swarm of late, fight back with a defiant statement from your Newton! 

Sunday, 26 April 2009



A sketch of my garden. Outline done on Newtworks then copied across to a Plain Note. Duplicated the Note to provide a template for keeping garden records. Haven't perfected it yet but have included as an example. I know others have created great maps and technical drawings and I hope they might offer to upload these at some point in the future.

(Not all the diagram is included as I can't seem to email complete anything over about 10 KBs using Mailv and the GIF setting - any tips on this gratefully received).


Of No Mind

For anyone who has read anything by Eckhart Tolle especially the 'Power of Now' or 'A New Earth'. A philosophical moment captured on a plain Note.

Hint: If you have the SuperNotePad package installed you can set an alarm to bring up any Note at a designated point in the future. Write or sketch something uplifting to you on a Note, set the alarm and be pleasantly reminded. The Snooze function allows you to set it again for the following day. You see, a Newton can be spiritual too!

The package is still available from: http://www.standalone.com/MessagePad/products/2.1/content21.html. 

Friday, 24 April 2009

Is it a bird, is it a plane...

No it's Spider Newt

Serious thanks to Dave Lawrence for this superb addition to the collection. 

In the email Dave admits to being a long term Spider Man fan and offers this sketch he did on his eMate using a plain Note.

Our first screenshot AND first contribution from an eMate. A double bonus.

Cheers Dave

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Is that a Newton in your pocket or..

are you just pleased to see me!!

In sympathy for the many debates on Newtontalk about the ultimate collection of hand-held gadgets required to meet all eventualities.

May you find yours.

Best wishes.

MP2000 - NewtonWorks, copied to HexPaint, copied to note, added words, emailed as GIF using MailV.

The answer..

Is out there somewhere

Sketched (on the toilet) at work using HexPaint during a 'there's got to me more to life than this' moment.

Despicable and deplorable I know - but true and better out than in as my gran always said!

Happy days.


In the machine

Poor old Dave, with his MP-2k, wakes up at three, every day,

The repeating alarm, he just can't turn off,

Gets reminded his Mother-in-Law's coming to stay!

Ok help me out with the poetry!

For anyone who installed the 2010 patch..

Monday, 20 April 2009

Pardon Me

It wasn't me...................I just swallowed me stylus!

Thanks to Michael Guzzo for this classic from 1996 which was originally sketched on an MP100. This priceless artifact, (albeit latterly enhanced with a splash of colour) has been safely stored on a Newton of some sort for a cool 13 years. In Newton doodle-terms, this is a tribal elder!

Michael describes how the sketch came about in his email.....'I was in a meeting, and not feeling well. A co-worker passed me a note, "What's wrong?" I passed the Newton back after making the sketch. I've kept it ever since and added a little color to it'

Nice one! Michael.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Chance Encounter

And sketched in history!

Thanks to Mike Pickard, a fellow Newton user, for this wonderful contribution dating back to 1999. Mike happened to sit next to someone called Sarah, who he'd never met before, on an aeroplane flight. She said she was an artist, he asked 'can you draw me on this', handed over the MP2000 and the rest is history. The sketch has been sitting on Mike's Newt ever since. It's got real depth and a nice story.It was drawn using a plain Note by someone who hadn't touched a Newt before - amazing really.

Mike's a writer, see his book at: www.gerfnit.com 

A Grave Situation

A Grave Situation Indeed

But Eckhart is saving us!!

Sketch done on MP2000 using Hex Paint. The hand is copied and pasted on the Newt using clipart from Newton Works. This wouldn't actually email across in one go- for some reason - so I had to email it to myself in three sections then join them together on the desktop. It's still made entirely on the Newt though. Funny glitch.



Refreshes the parts other gravies just can't reach and makes you notice things about the world you never realised were there!

Sketch on MP2000. Outline and chilly-shading done in Newton Works Drawing. Copied to Hex Paint for grey shading. Copied to Note. Emailed to self using Mailv. Uploaded.

Happy Days.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Typical Newton User

Looking Good!
In case you haven't met a Newton user yet, this is what they tend to look like! Decent ordinary folk some of whom hang out at Newtontalk.net

Sketch created on MP2000 using HexPaint, copied to Note, emailed to myself as a GIF using the venerable MailV.

OK - I never said I could draw.

Please email adhill@letterboxes.org to be added to the list of contributors or email me your GIFs, JPEGS, screenshots etc and I'll upload them for you. Alternatively contact me and send me a print out or fax. Or if all else fails I may be able to send you a Newton compatible flash card to copy your creations onto and send back to me. Last but not least I'll fly over and collect them..