Friday, 17 April 2009

Chance Encounter

And sketched in history!

Thanks to Mike Pickard, a fellow Newton user, for this wonderful contribution dating back to 1999. Mike happened to sit next to someone called Sarah, who he'd never met before, on an aeroplane flight. She said she was an artist, he asked 'can you draw me on this', handed over the MP2000 and the rest is history. The sketch has been sitting on Mike's Newt ever since. It's got real depth and a nice story.It was drawn using a plain Note by someone who hadn't touched a Newt before - amazing really.

Mike's a writer, see his book at: 


  1. Very cool, love the back story on this one.

  2. Dean - thanks for commenting. Yes it's a cool story, we can all envisage it happening.

    Do send in one of your own sometime!


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