Sunday, 26 April 2009



A sketch of my garden. Outline done on Newtworks then copied across to a Plain Note. Duplicated the Note to provide a template for keeping garden records. Haven't perfected it yet but have included as an example. I know others have created great maps and technical drawings and I hope they might offer to upload these at some point in the future.

(Not all the diagram is included as I can't seem to email complete anything over about 10 KBs using Mailv and the GIF setting - any tips on this gratefully received).

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Please email to be added to the list of contributors or email me your GIFs, JPEGS, screenshots etc and I'll upload them for you. Alternatively contact me and send me a print out or fax. Or if all else fails I may be able to send you a Newton compatible flash card to copy your creations onto and send back to me. Last but not least I'll fly over and collect them..