Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Typical Newton User

Looking Good!
In case you haven't met a Newton user yet, this is what they tend to look like! Decent ordinary folk some of whom hang out at

Sketch created on MP2000 using HexPaint, copied to Note, emailed to myself as a GIF using the venerable MailV.

OK - I never said I could draw.


  1. Great blog!
    Keep practicing the doodling - my wife has greatly improved hers that way...

  2. Thanks for the encouragement and for being the first commentator. There are a couple of other people's sketches in the pipeline which is great.


Please email to be added to the list of contributors or email me your GIFs, JPEGS, screenshots etc and I'll upload them for you. Alternatively contact me and send me a print out or fax. Or if all else fails I may be able to send you a Newton compatible flash card to copy your creations onto and send back to me. Last but not least I'll fly over and collect them..