Saturday, 23 May 2009



It's true folks, the Newton Platform has been saved from extinction yet again through the endeavours of the one and only, the amazing, the generous.....the super-splendiferous and exceedingly brainy..

Eckhart Köppen.

Read it yourself tonight on Newtontalk...see 23 May 2009 or go direct to:

This is seriously good news for the Newton community.

Thank you Eckhart!!

[Of much lesser importance: Clip Art of man taken from AvailWorks, Clip Art of Newton taken from Newtworks. Cobbled together and shading in done using HexPaint. I did the stylus myself! Wey-hey!. Copied to Note, added text - emailed to self using the most awesome Mailv]. PS: if anyone wants a copy of the Availworks clip art packages let me know,  Matt K kindly sent a copy to me - there are hundreds of them).


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