Monday, 14 September 2009

Too much...

of a 'good thing'.

I don't know about you but my world is so so full.

MP2000 + NewtPaint - Xport to desktop, uploaded.

PS: a series of sketches focusing on the joy of life will follow shortly.

Knee-jerk reaction...

.....of the Public Sector

The aftermath of the recent crisis at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Yes - the Hospital failed patients and their families disastrously.

No - the performance-driven public sector management culture was not an innocent bystander.

MP2000, NewtPaint - Xport.

PS: Drawn by a genuine advocate of the public sector and a sincere appreciator of the incredible work its people regularly achieve -- against the odds.

Ghosts in the......


Once, we paid through the nose,
Now we pay through the soul.

Warning to myself - 'make sure you get in the garden and get real, on a regular basis'.

MP 2000 + Newtpaint, Xport to desktop.



i.e. always at one since I can remember, but not necessarily unhappy.

MP 2000. Newtpaint.

Sugar and Spice

...and all things nice.

Inside, if you look close enough, we look a bit like this.

Worlds within worlds caputured using Newtpaint. Xport to desktop. Uploaded.

Please email to be added to the list of contributors or email me your GIFs, JPEGS, screenshots etc and I'll upload them for you. Alternatively contact me and send me a print out or fax. Or if all else fails I may be able to send you a Newton compatible flash card to copy your creations onto and send back to me. Last but not least I'll fly over and collect them..